by Arthur Hart
President, Websites by Ideal

I think you’ll agree that your ideal prospect is someone with a need you can fulfill and is looking for somebody to give them the service or product that they need or want. In the days before the prevalence of the internet, the standard way to get found was to list your business and its services in the local or regional phone book.

With the advent of the internet, however, people no longer go to the phone book listings – instead, they jump onto the internet and ask a search engine like Google or Bing to find a service supplier for them. Therefore, the problem of getting found is the problem of getting the search engines to know about your business and its services. This enables them to include your information is the response they give to the person looking for your type of service via the internet.

This is why it’s now a necessity for every business to have a “web presence” in the form of a website that accurately and completely describes its services or products. Furthermore, your business website needs to be attractive and easy to use so that your prospects will be pleased with its presentation and drawn into its content.

In other words, an attractive, user-friendly website is now an integral part of the successful sales process. You can’t rely on simply being listed in a directory (even an online directory) because you need to have a nice website for the search engines to direct people to. This will capture and enhance the interest of your potential customers thereby moving them along toward becoming your actual customers.

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