Website Copy

I have recently seen some awful text created for a website by a so called “search engine optimization company” that should have known better. They blatantly told the website owner, “Don’t worry about the writing, it’s written for the search engines, not people.”
In other words, they were trying to scam the search engines into sending more people to that website without any regard for the fact that they’d be turned off by the quality of what they found once they got there. This directly violates the first point of Google’s published Quality Guidelines which states:
“Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. …”
Google has every right to, and has been known to penalize websites for violations of their Quality Guidelines.
At Websites by Ideal, we make it a policy to follow Google’s guidelines. We feel that it pays off in the long run to keep on the good side of the largest search engine company in the world that sends about 80% of the new traffic to websites around the world. It seems to us that search engine scams are very short sighted and can do nothing but harm in the long run.

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