Show Your Work with Your Own Photos

To project the best image for your business, it is important that you use your own photos to illustrate your capabilities. For example, websites I recently developed for a Long Island architect, Houston remodeler, Kingwood remodeler and Houston custom builder all feature extensive photo galleries which beautifully display the accomplishments of these professionals.

Not only are you better off showing your own projects on you website, you will also avoid copyright infringement violations. I have recently seen instances of companies being sued for their use of copyrighted photos. In addition to potentially being very costly, using these photos also projects a poor image for you and your work. Often these photos show up multiple times on the internet, which makes it obvious that they are not representations of your work.

Unfortunately, I have seen instances of websites that were developed inexpensively using photos without permission. Usually the owner of the website is unaware of this infringement until they are sued by the rightful owner of the photos. If stock photos must be used, make sure that you have the rights to use them.

Using your own photos will increase your credibility and image. For example the Long Island architect site displays photos of his Design/build home remodeling projects. The Houston home remodeling company has an extensive gallery of their award-winning home renovations. The Kingwood Texas home remodeler uses his photo gallery to show their prospects his Kingwood, Humble and Atascocita home renovations. Even simple photos that you take yourself will be better than a stock photo that can be seen on other websites.

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