Don’t Promote Your Competition

“That’s obvious advice,” you may be thinking, “I’d never promote my competition!
”Well unfortunately, if you have one of those so called “free” websites that you’re paying $133 per month for, you are in fact promoting your competition without realizing it. At the bottom of each page of your “free” website, the visitor finds a link to the website of the directory company that built the website for you. Following this link takes them to a directory of all the people in your same line of work. And it’s a safe bet that your company isn’t listed first.

Try it for yourself. Scroll down to the bottom of one of your website pages and click on the ad logo placed there by the directory company. When you get to their website, pretend you’re someone looking for the services you offer and see how easy it is to find your company.

If you are appalled at what you discover, don’t despair – we’ve already rescued others who were inadvertently promoting their own competition. For advice and information on how to get started with your website rescue mission, visit WebsitesbyIdeal

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