Be sure to Investigate a “good deal”

There are many offers from companies promoting website design and maintenance.  Unfortunately not all of them are legitimate and some of them can even be detrimental.

We have heard from some of our clients who have had the misfortune of trying to take advantage of some of these companies.  They thought they were getting a “good deal” but instead they were held hostage by them.

These companies have been known to duplicate your website (a big no-no with Google) and use one of their own phone numbers on this duplicate website. This duplicate website (which you don’t own) is competing with your own website and you get charged lots of money for them to maintain it.

And if you cancel your contract with them, they’ll reuse the alternate domain name for someone else’s duplicate site and also reassign the same phone number they had been using for you. So if someone uses that phone number to try to reach you, they’ll reach one of your competitors instead.

Before doing business with any website company, please investigate them thoroughly. For more info contact Websites by Ideal

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