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Generational Marketing vs Life Stages Marketing

Generational marketing is target marketing to specific generations such as Baby Boomers, Generation X’ers, Millenials, etc. These generations have always been thought to exhibit common traits and shared experiences, influences and beliefs which influence their buying decisions. This method of … Continue reading

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Close Sales with a Better Website Design

Your business is all about style, function and good design. Your website should reflect your business in the same way. It should be easy to get around, have a color scheme consistent with your brand, high quality images to showcase … Continue reading

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Promises too Good to be True?

It seems like almost every day we get calls or emails from SEO “experts” making unrealistic promises and guaranteed rankings. They offer “free trials”, “lowest price”, and “secret” strategies. SEO is hard work and takes a serious amount of time … Continue reading

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Will a website redesign hurt my rankings?

You should consider a website redesign every few years to keep up with technological changes, to have a fresh new look and improved usability. Hopefully you have high rankings now, but will a redesign lower them? Redesigning your website could … Continue reading

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Should You Redesign Your Website?

If you aren’t completely happy with the way your current website looks, or if it is not helping you to get more business, it is time for a website redesign. People go through an evolution of websites similar to the … Continue reading

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Time For a Website Facelift?

It’s a new year – time for a fresh start. Perhaps it’s time to give that tired, old, difficult-to-update website a facelift. Where do you start? Think about the goals you would want from a new website. What should the … Continue reading

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