Strengthen Your Website Presence

Most people go online to comparison shop and find products and services in their area. Your web presence is that first impression of your company that prospects see before they even contact you. Following are some characteristics of a great remodeler website.

Your prospects need to get to know you and your company. Be sure to list your credentials, photos of you and your team, background information and company history.

You have quality work. Show it off by including as many high quality finished project photos as possible. Add new project photos as soon as they are available.

Help your prospects to understand the remodeling process as you do it. Mention your areas of expertise and how you differ from your competitors. Let your prospect know what to expect if they choose you as their remodeler.

Show you are credible, your prospects need to trust you. Your website should have testimonials, reviews from other social sites, social media links, awards info, organization membership logos, certifications and articles you may have written and published.

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